It was always my intention to be a maker having been very much influenced by my mum who was one of the foremost cabinet makers in Scotland. However, working with wood was not something I enjoyed but I was particularly good at art, and I became increasingly fascinated by jewellery and working with metal

Creating my own jewellery is a way of expressing my identity, who I am and what inspires me. The world I experience on a Galloway beach with its ripples in the sand or fields of sunflowers in the French countryside engage me and through contemplation of my eye and over time enter into my heart. In my heart they are infused with hopes, love and delight. The rolling land or rippled sand becomes the curve and sweep of a wedding band. The sun and sunflower fuse into a brooch. Translating the vision into dexterity through the learned handed down over the centuries and ever evolving of the jeweller

A breath of wind so briefly felt and yet so deeply enjoyed becomes a shining object of love to wear and treasure, to share with others and last forever